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FAYCO Enterprises Programs and Services

FAYCO Enterprises, Vandalia, Illinois, receives referrals from such agencies as the state Department of Rehabilitation Services, public schools, mental health agencies, and Pre- Admission Screening Agencies (PAS Agencies).

Referrals are also accepted from any other agency or individual. As may be imagined from the broad mission of FAYCO Enterprises, the total program involves a number of interrelated services.

FAYCO has a multitude of "in-house" services that facilitate the needs of the individual as well as many other specialized programs.




Evaluation may range from three days to four weeks, depending on the needs of the individual. Any individual meeting the general admission requirements and who is at least 16 years of age is eligible after necessary medical and psychological information is obtained. During this time the client is provided with the opportunity to express his or her vocational aspirations and abilities. The client learns to identify and work around those characteristics which serve as a barrier to his or her employability and to focus and build on individual strengths and talents so that meaningful steps may be taken to realize his or her own optimal vocational potential making informed decisions based upon information and self-understanding.

Work Partners or Community Employment Services

The thrust behind these programs is to help local employers with understanding the many benefits they will enjoy when they facilitate the assimilation of disabled workers into the competitive work force. Placement is a cooperative effort between the industrial and rehabilitational communities to find competitive employment opportunities for a qualified disabled worker and help ensure their success on the job. Please ask us how our Employment Services can help you. Work Partner appointments may be held at 1313 Sunset Dr. in Vandalia Illinois, 2112 Schram Ave. in Hillsboro Illinois, or 333 Potomac Blvd. Suite F in Mt. Vernon Illinois.

FAYCO Enterprises Inc - Work Partners

Employee Development

Problems basic to preparing clients for placement and employment in regular industry, such as a need for better work habits, attitudes or behavior, are the targets for improvement in our Work Partners Training Program. This program lasts for one or more four-week periods. This time is spent in production areas under constant, direct supervision.

FAYCO Enterprises Inc - Employee Development

How We Pay the People We Work With in Our Agency

Skill development centers, such as our workshops in Vandalia and Hillsboro, offer jobs at wages that are based on the skill-set of the person doing the job. The worker protection legislation known as Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act ensures access to these types of jobs for those individuals that qualify.

There is a video on YouTube (embedded below) that does an excellent job of explaining how we pay the people we work with in our agency: "Putting Success Within Reach - Commensurate Wage Illustration 2012" - Explaining the fair pay practices of community rehabilitation programs. This video is very well produced and we encourage everyone - individuals, family, the businesses we work with, and the general public - to view it.



Developmental Training I

This program is open to developmentally disabled adults who are living in an approved and licensed residential program. This day program is designed for those individuals with the most significant barriers to employment who would not otherwise be able to function in a sheltered workshop. Emphasis is placed on the pre-vocational areas of training in language development, eating skills, toileting and basic living skills.

Developmental Training II

This program, designed for developmentally disabled adults is a continuation of the earlier (DTI) phase for a more advanced developmental requirements of basic reading and writing, telling time, making change, use of community resources together with the exposure to the work environment in the workshop.

FAYCO Enterprises Inc - Residential Program

Residential Program

The Residential Program was designed to provide individuals with a controlled environment in which to learn basic living skills. FAYCO Enterprises has several residential homes within the region each with the needs of the individual in mind. For more information about our residential homes, please visit the Residential Program Section.


Funding available

Programs are generally provided through state agency funding. Contact us for more information.




FAYCO Enterprises, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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